Portal Unificado de Información Pública

System description

In accordance with the Component 1 “Strengthen the institutional capability from key public institutions” from the Democracy and Governance Program (USAID-Ceamso) appears the need to develop a unified public information website for the National Information and Communication Technologies Secretary (SENATICS).

Product details

This website executes the Law Nr. 5.189 of public access to public information. It has an request system for manageable public information from different State entities and is integrated with the available open data.

  • Technologies;
    • Backend – Java EE
    • Frontend – Angular JS


  1. Request access
  2. Automated cataloging of the data set.
  3. Search of requests in the site’s internal data base.
  4. Visualization from the citizens’ and institutions requests details.
  5. Sending of external comments.
  6. Notifications for the users with an institution profile
  7. Inbox for citizens and institutions requests.
  8. Authentication and authorization for users.
  9. Administration panel for the management of institutional users
  10. Statistical reports