Open Data Ministerio de Hacienda

System description

Finance Ministry’s Open Data website, funded by the Democracy and Governance Program USAID-Ceamso.
Through the site and the published data, it’s possible to create innovative visualizations to have a better understanding of complex data, encouraging the creation of new knowledge. It can also be the base for business opportunities becoming an important economic engine.

Product details

  • Technologies;
    • Backend – Java EE
    • Frontend – Angular JS, D3


  1. Publication of the government payroll with all the data required by the Law 5189/2014
  2. National General Budget publication
  3. Budget’s pre-project made by the Ministerio de Hacienda, for the next year publication
  4. Data regarding the current and previous public debt, debt services, and debtor entities.
  5. Summary Reports of the expenses comparison in each area and the execution of each in
  6. previous years.
  7. Visualizations and graphics related to the data set.