System description

Stock and products invoicing system for SME that wish to have a strict control over the purchases, sales, and offered products.

Developed using technologies like Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and EmberJS

Geppii is a multi-platform web system, adaptable to different devices’ screens like cell phones, tablets, and any web browser.

Product details

  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, Prawn


  1. Users and roles.
  2. Product.
  3. Products categories.
  4. Products promotion.
  5. Clients.
  6. Suppliers.
  7. Purchases (cash and credit).
  8. Monthly payments (paid).
  9. Sales (cash and credit).
  10. Monthly payments (received).
  11. Deposits.
  12. Subsidiaries.
  13. Multi-company.
  14. Inventory.
  15. Multicurrency
  16. Reports.
    1. Purchases reports.
    2. Sales reports.
    3. Accounts payable.
    4. Accounts receivable.
    5. Products per storage.
    6. Inventory reports.