Contrataciones PY

App description

Tool to understand the open data released by the National Public Hirings Direction (DNCP), developed as a Hackathon Innovando PY 2014 winning product, proposed personally by the members of the Codium staff, in the public purchases category, organized by the National Information and Communication Technologies Secretary (SENATICS). The product development was made with the USAID-Ceamso funding, in accordance with the Democracy and Governance Program.


The app was developed for Android and iOS devices, it contains information about the latest public biddings, that are of interest for suppliers, participating entities in the biddings and the citizens.

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Detalles del Proyecto

  • Tecnología: Android SDK, iOS SDK, Play Framework


  1. Suscripción de proveedores por categorías.
  2. Suscripción y seguimiento a Convocatorias.
  3. Notificaciones sobre nuevas licitaciones de interés.
  4. Histórico de Precios de Adjudicaciones anteriores.
  5. Buscador de Licitaciones.
  6. Detalles de Licitación.
  7. Detalles de productos licitados.
  8. Detalle de Adjudicaciones.