System description

AppCivist is a software platform for the democratic montage and the collective action that allows users to design and build their own assemblies and campaigns that are part of development projects for their communities to organize the democratic action. The project is a collaboration between the Scolia Apps Lab @CITRIS in University of California, Berkeley and Inria (Silicon Valley)

Product details

  • Technologies;
    • PlayFramework, JavaEE, Javascript
    • HTML, CSS
    • Angular JS
    • Etherpad


  1. CREATE OR JOIN AN ASSEMBLY: Assemblies are groups of people with shared concerns, like the security in the neighborhood or the cities’ budgets, that want to organize themselves to take measures.
  2. CREATE A CAMPAIGN: The campaigns are initiatives that an assembly compromises itself to reach the base of a specific goal. Each campaign has its own template that structures its components, Work-Teams and schedule.
  3. PRESENT AND ASSESS PROPOSALS: The assembly’s members are organized in Work-Teams to create ideas, develop and select proposals democratically for the collective action.